Hello Dear Readers!

Welcome to Eurovision Obsession, my passion project for the Eurovision Song Contest. I have been following the Contest since 2007 and established this website in the December of 2009. On EO, you will find analysis of songs, performances, and the Contest as a whole. My goal is to provide a site that newcomers and longtime fans can enjoy alike. I post in English, though, I might slip in a few things in French since many of you are joining me from la Belle République.

I love the Contest’s history and I love sharing it with new people. Learn more about me on my About EO page and my Top 100 2001-2010 list. New to the ESC or trying to share it with friends and family, take a look at my Playlists, including the 20 most important songs in ESC history as well as songs by genre.

So, whether you are a diehard Eurovision fan, a newcomer, or just stumbled across this site looking for a Belgian flag map (which was my top Google search hit for EO‘s first year), I hope that you are able enjoy your time on this site!

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