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Safety and Security at Eurovision – Revisited

Hello Dear Readers!

In recent days, my post on Safety and Security seems to be drawing more readers and comments. The most recent of which recommended that I contact the head of security for the Contest. I thought this was a good idea! As such, I have included my message to Ms. Johannesen below and will be sure to let you all know if/when she replies.

Hello Ms. Johannesen,

My name is André. I maintain a Eurovision blog called Eurovision Obsession. I recently posted a piece on security at the Contest ( A few readers had brought up the idea that I should reach out to you to learn more about what Stockholm is doing to prepare for the event.

I (and I think most fans) know that you and your team will keep us safe. I think, though, we would just like some idea of how, particularly those of use who will be attending the event in Stockholm. This will be my third Contest, and I can tell you that both the Danes and Austrians were not effective in how they managed the crowds (the Danes did handle things better than the Austrians did). Do you and your team have any information that I can share with my readership and other participants concerning safety at the Contest?

Thank you for your time!

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Safety and Security at Eurovision

🇧🇪 We zijn België. Nous somme Bruxelles. 🇧🇪

Belgian Flag Country

Our prayers and thoughts are with Belgium today.

Again, on another day after another senseless act of violence, of terrorism, we find ourselves mourning for the loss, rebuilding what has been destroyed, and trying to understand the pointless. There’s nothing more I can say that I have not already in the wake of the attack on Paris.

I will say, this further emphasizes the need for a coherent, thorough, and visible security presence in Stockholm. The Eurovision Song Contest is a major cultural event that brings all of Europe together. Not to mention that Sweden is an EU country and is known for its super-liberal policies as well as discrimination and violence towards Muslims and folks of Arab descent. This means that SVT cannot simply settle for rent-a-cop security guards or the Globen’s own security force. The city of Stockholm and the country of Sweden need to treat Eurovision as a high-risk event. There will be thousands of fans, many of whom will be aggravated, anxious, and aggressive adult men. Not only do we the fans need to be managed (and much better than in Austria) but if there is not a strong structure in place, then it will be incredibly easy for someone to sneak in with something they should not. SVT and Globen need to not only devise a strong security process, but communicate it.

SVT and Globen have the emails of every ticketholder.Swedish Flag Map They need to send out a dedicated email to all attendees discussing security policies and the what we can expect and rules we need to follow for attending the Contest. Not only that, but also at the arena, they need to have plentiful, visible signage for folks to see with diagrams and words in English, French, Russian, and Swedish.

But, additionally, they need to have a visible police presence. Maybe this is because I’m American, but seeing police. Seeing them, their cars, their dogs, their gear (including weapons) conveys that safety is a top priority and that they have people in position to protect us. And I’m saying that as a black man in the US.

Stockholm, please: Give us police and give us lots of them!