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News Updates!!

Hello Dear Readers!

Some news highlights for you.

Check out this year’s edition of “Eurovision Songs by Lyric Description” quiz over at Sporcle:

This year, we will doing something new! I will be joining forces with the magnificent DizzyDJC to bring you podcasts before and after each live show during Eurovision week — Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday! Be sure to keep an eye out on twitter and our youtube channels (ESC Obsession and DizzyDJC) for updates.

Furthermore, in lieu of live notes, I’ll be hosting a YouTube live stream of each live show. Providing commentary and thoughts on each performance. I hope that this can provide an alternative to the commentary that American and Canadian viewers will be subjected to (or just an informed commentary for those who want to listen to a fan’s thoughts as opposed to some random journalist’s or host’s).

Hope to see you around YouTube in addition to here on the blog, Twitter, Sporcle, and everywhere else, dear viewers!


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Safety and Security at Eurovision – Revisited

Hello Dear Readers!

In recent days, my post on Safety and Security seems to be drawing more readers and comments. The most recent of which recommended that I contact the head of security for the Contest. I thought this was a good idea! As such, I have included my message to Ms. Johannesen below and will be sure to let you all know if/when she replies.

Hello Ms. Johannesen,

My name is André. I maintain a Eurovision blog called Eurovision Obsession. I recently posted a piece on security at the Contest ( A few readers had brought up the idea that I should reach out to you to learn more about what Stockholm is doing to prepare for the event.

I (and I think most fans) know that you and your team will keep us safe. I think, though, we would just like some idea of how, particularly those of use who will be attending the event in Stockholm. This will be my third Contest, and I can tell you that both the Danes and Austrians were not effective in how they managed the crowds (the Danes did handle things better than the Austrians did). Do you and your team have any information that I can share with my readership and other participants concerning safety at the Contest?

Thank you for your time!

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