Eurovision 2014 – Copenhagen

ESC2014 – Second Semi-Final Reaction

Wow!  The second semi-final was stunning but definitely not as strong as the first semi-final. My reactions to last night’s show.

Fulfilled Expectations
Romania, Greece, and Norway all moved through, as was to be expected. While I think Romania has only an average entry, Norway is only average, and Greece is complete rubbish. In fact, you could see the lead singer constantly motioning to the backing vocalists to sing louder throughout the entire song. The trampoline adds NOTHING.

Israel had a very strong performance – absolutely spectacular!  It was definitely a major shock that the song didn’t move on to Saturday. I imagine that her jury performance was weak.  It was also quite a shock to see Belarus make it through as well. This song was not very highly rated and the performance was a bit weak, not to mention there were not many of Belarus’ traditional supporters voting, only Georgia.

Macedonia has a great song, but the staying and performance were flat! The sexiness from the video, the uniqueness from the debut performance, the edge from both – completely missing. Macedonia missed a great opportunity. Likewise, Ireland also missed the boat.   Casey’s singing was uncertain and lacked any kind of passion.  Also, the dancers were unnecessary, or, at least, could have had better choreography. Ireland had a sure thing and let it slip through there hands.

History (kinda)
For only the second time, Poland made it out of the semi-finals. Switzerland and Slovenia qualified for the Final for only the third time (it’s the fourth time for the Swiss, but they automatically qualified in 2006). Along with Poland, the Netherlands, Montenegro, and Sam Marino, this year’s final will have quite a few countries with little Saturday night experience.

Running Order
Now that we have a running order for the final, I can say that I think much higher of the chances of the UK.  It closes the show, follows a tame ballad in San Marino, and will be balanced against the much weaker Ukraine that will be opening the show. The Netherlands also has a legitimate shot at success from its draw position and following the manic, overdone performance of Denmark.  My final predictions will be posted after I see the jury performances tonight!

ESC2014: Second Semi-Final Final Predictions

Tuesday’s spectacular show with its stunning performances and its historic qualifiers is now behind us as we face forward to tonight’s Semi-Final. This one is a bit more straightforward with fewer entries in limbo. Again, these predictions are based on the bookies and internet fan chatter.

Should make it through:

Probably will make it through:

Fighting for the Final Spot:

No chance of moving through:

Slovenia – a strong composition that underwent a positive reworking to add a bit more Slovene and big notes. It’s such a captivating song!

Switzerland – a fun song with a charismatic performer. It stands out from the crowd and gets you whistling along with it

Both songs are folk-inspired, uptempo pieces performing towards the end of the show; both contrast the entries on either side of it. Both historically struggle to qualify and both have singers that will be “playing” instruments on stage. The difference lies in their support. The only predictable points are from culturally close countries (aka neighbors). Slovenia has fellow former Yugoslav republic Macedonia. Switzerland has Italy, Austria, and Germany all voting tonight. Advantage to the Swiss. I expect Sebalter to bring his homeland back to the Final.

ESC2014: First Semi-Final

As a reminder, there will be no live notes for the semi-finals this year because I am in Copenhagen.  Here are my thoughts on the first semi-final now that my excitement has died down a bit.

All 16 artists really were stunning live. I cannot remember a show where I do remember at least one singer being off.  Though, I couldn’t really hear Sanna through all the cheers, but I know that she is amazingly talented and have no doubt that she was awesome.

History Made
For the first time Montenegro and San Marino qualified for the Grand Final.  Both have really strong ballads, but I did not expect both to qualify; I honestly thought that they would offset one another.  Again, I think that this is an outcome of the new ranking system and it really does seem to be helping the artistic entries that may not otherwise have enough support.  It will be interesting to see the jury/televoting breakdown Sunday morning.

Who thought that Iceland was going to qualify?  Not this guy. Most definitely the biggest surprise of the night! Most have did not predict this to happen and the bookies had their chances as pretty low; only Latvia had lower odds.  I really think the audience had to be behind this. It’s possible that we’ll have another Cezar on our hands – and act that is wildly popular among fans but hated among the juries.

Also a shock, Estonia did not make it.  The performance was stunning, at least the dancing was. Her singing was good as well, at least, the backing singers were good. I imagine she must have had a terrible jury performance. Again, it will be interesting to see the breakdown between jury and televoting.

Special Note
Portugal gave an outstanding performance last night that got the whole audience singing.  I think, by far, Suzy gave the most popular performance last night. Despite not qualifying, I think she did Portugal proud and brought the country back with a bang.  I am positive that the juries are the reason she did not move through. But she should not be discouraged – the fans LOVED her!

ESC2014: Semi-Final One – final predictions

As we count down the minutes until we start the First Semi-Final, I thought that I’d give you my predictions now since I will not have live notes this year.

These final predictions are based upon further listens, bookie predictions, and fan chatter.

Making it through easily:

More than likely going through:
The Netherlands

Battling for the final spot:
San Marino

Not going through:

San Marino – Valentina’s third attempt. She’s at the top of her game, but the song doesn’t leave a lasting impression

Montenegro – Is a theoretical jury magnet, but is there enough fan support to push it through?

Portugal – being one of the few uptempo songs in a sea of ballads will make it stick out, but will Suzy’s vocals be enough to carry it through?

Moldova – historically has a strong track record of qualifying but the song might be too modern for viewers.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to San Marino and Montenegro. I give the edge to ESC veteran Valentina Monetta and San Marino. I think the two are even jury-wise but I think SM will get a bit more of the televote.