ESC 2019 – Song Reviews: Recap!

Hello Dear Readers!

I think this might be the quickest I’ve gone through the reviews, haha, but desperate times call for desperate measures. So, a quick recap of the reviews for those who want the simple TL:DR summary.

My Personal Top Ten

  1. The Netherlands

  2. Latvia

  3. North Macedonia

  4. Czech Republic

  5. Greece

  6. Azerbaijan

  7. Albania

  8. Germany

  9. Portugal

  10. Norway

Who I think will qualify:

First Semi-Final

Second Semi-Final

  • Greece

  • Portugal

  • Estonia

  • Iceland

  • Australia

  • Belgium

  • Czech Republic

  • Slovenia

  • San Marino

  • Cyprus

  • The Netherlands

  • North Macedonia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Russia

  • Sweden

  • Malta

  • Albania

  • Denmark

  • Armenia

  • Switzerland

And who do I think will finish in the Top Ten?

  • The Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Russia

  • Sweden

  • Malta

  • Cyprus

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Greece

  • Switzerland

Who among these do I think can win? Well, you’ll have to come back for my Contender or Pretender Series!

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