ESC2016 – Reacton to Jury Final and Final Predictions

Hello Dear Readers!

So, last night was the Jury Final! Oh man, what a show!!! Every performer brought their A game! So, who do I think will win?

The USA!! USAJustin Timberlake was even better than expected. I can only hope that they move him to the interval act instead of during voting because he completely outclassed all the competitors. Another reason why there should not be big entertainment during the voting. And why the US should not participate in the Contest.

But seriously, it’s going be hard to pick a winner. The only country that hurt themselves last night was PolandPoland, as he botched his last note. I also noted France didn’t go for his big high note at the end, possibly to avoid the possibility of missing it.

The biggest question after last night: can anyone stop Russia? Sergey gave a more than flawless performance last night, vocally and visibly. Russian Flag MapFrance, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Australia also brought perfect performance to the show, but will any of them have enough of an impact? Will Croatia and Serbia get enough points from the other Yugoslav countries to impede Russia’s progress? Who will get the Nordic votes after Sweden? Spain and the Netherlands both have complete pauses in their entries, will this be enough to overcome Russia’s shadow (in Spain’s case) or a wretched running order position (for the Dutch)?

More importantly, can one of my four favorite, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Belgium, win? No, none of them will, but I think Ukraine and Bulgaria will both be Top Ten. Speaking of which…

My prediction for the Top Ten (in alphabetical order) is:
-Armenia (stunning voice and unforgettable stage show)
-Australia (best voice, great running order position)
-Bulgaria (fun, catchy, and contemporary)
-Georgia (it made it this far and most likely has a serious following; it’s the most professional staging as well)
-France (fun, catchy, and a lot of fun)
-The Netherlands (it stands out and is well-executed)
-Russia (the staging is stunning and the song is tremendous)
-Serbia (the song has a deep meaning and is well performed)
-Ukraine (the meaning behind the song and the performance are second to none)
-United Kingdom (a lot of fun and their strongest entry in years)

Who will win? Not sure. I like to believe France did enough last night and will do enough tonight. Australia also was absolutely fantastic. The question remains: can anyone stop Russia?

FranceHonestly, I don’t know. Russia is stunning, but soulless. I think that France’s authentic performance will be enough to carry it through with the juries and televoting. We’ll see. I think it will be one of the closest finishes in years.

New French Flag Map

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