Reactions to First Semi-Final

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night was the First Semi-Final. What do you think?

So, there you have it. Our ten qualifiers from Semi-Final One are:
The Netherlands
Czech Republic

Some historical markers from last night:
-This is the first time ever that the Czech Republic has qualified for the final! Czech Republic was the only participant this year not be in the Grand Final, even once.
-Greece and Bosnia & Herzegovina missed the Grand Final for the first time ever since semi-finals were introduced in 2004.
-Whereas, Russia and Azerbaijan extend their 100% qualification rate. We’ll see tomorrow if Ukraine can also continue its 100% streak.
-For the first time (though I’ve been advocating this for years), we get to see the automatic qualifiers on the ESC stage. I suggest going and watching the full performances, they were great!

My reactions:
I am very excited that the Czech Republic moved through. It’s my favorite song this year and is, I think, the strongest ballad in the Contest this year.
-I am still a bit shellshocked that Iceland did not qualify. It’s a tremendous song with a tremendous staging. It’s just crazy that it didn’t qualify.
-I’m most disappointed in Estonia. The staging was so, so weak and his attempts at being sexy came off as – at best – like a child pretending to be an adult or – at worse – like a complete creeper.

I’m excited to see our eighteen competitors, Germany, Italy, and the UK all take the stage as well. It’s going to be a good night!

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