Reaction to Dress Rehearsal (Jury Show) of First Semi-Final

Hello Dear Readers!

The Jury Show for the First Semi-Final was last night. What a show! There were definitely some questionable choices when it came to staging; however, each entry was performed at top level. My general reactions to specific acts will come tomorrow as I don’t want to give anything away. I will say, though, that the influence from last year’s winner can definitely be seen. There’s an array of stunning visuals on display. Also, the interval act is amazing! And powerful!

After last night, a few songs still have work to do:
CzechFlagMapCzech Republic – she started off a bit shaky and the whole first verse was off key. She righted the ship by the refrain, but there is damage done.

Moldovan Flag MapMoldova – the staging choice was… interesting, but her vocals were strong. She’ll need another strong performance to have any hope tonight.

Estonia – this is one of my favorite songs this year, but the performance was weak. Estonian Flag MapThe staging comes off a but lazy, and his overall demeanor was a bit tired; he lacked energy from start to finish. He’ll need to turn things around tonight and really come alive.

My predictions will stay the same from Sunday with one exception. GreeceI’m switching out Moldova for Greece. Utopian Land went big in the hall and the performance was spot on.

So, that means, I think our finalists will be: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, the Netherlands, Russia. I think either Russia or the Netherlands will be the top winner tonight.

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