Contender or Pretender 2016: Latvia and Bulgaria

Hello Dear Readers!

We now reach the halfway point of our this year’s series. Two countries that have a pretty rough history at the Contest come with strong songs this year: Latvia and Bulgaria! Two contemporary songs that will definitely leave an impression on the night.


Heartbeat performed by Justs

Latvian Flag MapWhy it is a contender: Building upon last year’s success, Latvia brings another super-modern piece composed by Animata. The song is mysterious and has flashes of brilliance throughout. Justs also ably performs the song and there is sure to be another stunning performance onstage (rumor has it that Animata will also choreograph the stage show for Stockholm).

Why it is a pretender: The lyrics are a bit nonsensical. There is not much of a story or a meaning that is easy to gather. The composition, while unique, is a far cry from Love Injection, the captivating song that gave Latvia its best finish since winning in 2003.

Final Verdict: PretenderLatvia This song has been popular since it won Latvia’s Supernova and the right to represent the country in Stockholm. However, as mentioned above, this song is a poor imitation of last year’s entry. Part of Love Injection‘s success can be attributed to its uniqueness and its flawless performance. While Justs has a great voice and a good look, the song just won’t be able to make a mark in a crowded field of decent songs.


If Love is was a Crime performed by Poli Genova

Bulgarian Flag CountryWhy it is a contender: Oh, the difference five years can make. In 2011, Genova would have been happy to reach the Final with Na Inat, now she is performing a song that could reasonably win. Why? This is a song that’s catchy, fun, and easy to understand. However, it is also contemporary and stylized with modern tones.

Why it is a pretender: Well, Bulgaria does not have a history of making wise decisions in regards to staging at the contest. They often go too big or too small or just plain….off. These quirks are off-putting and, in trying to capture the super-modern stylings of this song, there is a lot of potential for awful outfits and superfluous (that is, unnecessary) backing dancers.

Final Verdict: PretenderBulgaria Let me start by saying: “I love this song!” And I think that it will do well. However, between a lack of confidence in Bulgaria’s ability to properly stage the song and the fact that modern tunes don’t appeal to all, I just don’t think that this song has what it takes to lift the crystal trophy in May.

We have now looked at Sweden, Russia, Serbia, Armenia, Latvia, and Bulgaria. Who’s next? Ukraine and France! Come back tomorrow!

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