Contender or Pretender 2016: Serbia and Armenia

Hello Dear Readers!

Welcome back to our second episode of Contender or Pretender. Yesterday, we looked at Sweden and Russia, the two songs with the biggest fan followings online. Today, we move towards probably the two songs that probably surprise the most people with their presence towards the top of the betting odds: Serbia and Armenia!


Goodbye (Shelter) performed by Zaa Sanja Vučić

Serbian Flag MapWhy it is a contender: The song is powerful and captivating. If you listen to the composition, you can feel the song building over each second; we’re on a ride towards a climax. Additionally, Vučić has a powerful voice and is a great performer. And, this is a female empowerment song which should go over well with the televoting audience.

Why it is a pretender: It’s a bit of a disingenuous entry – there’s some traditional elements that we have come to expect from Serbian entries, but it is, generally, a fairly Western song. It is R&B-infused, which, itself, has a dicey history at the Contest.

Final Verdict: ContenderSerbia Ultimately, I think that Goodbye (Shelter) is a powerful, captivating entry. I think that people will see this, they will remember it, and will be blown away by its power. I think it has a legitimate chance at winning.


LoveWave performed by Iveta Mukuchyan

Armenian Flag MapWhy it is a contender: This song sticks out and makes an impact. From the spoken portion at the beginning, to the sounds of take off, to the powerful chorus that holds you. The composition and lyrics also give a bit of an air of mystery to the song.

Why it is a pretender: Everything that makes this song unique also holds this song back. There is also a big question mark around how the song will be presented on stage, as there are large swaths of instrumentation without vocals and a lot of repetition.

Final Verdict: PretenderArmenia Honestly, while I like the song, I am surprised to find it in the bookies’ top ten songs with a chance to win. It’s an interesting song, but not as interesting as it think it is. Ultimately, it’s just an average song.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss below!
And come back tomorrow for Latvia and Bulgaria!

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