Contender or Pretender 2016 is Here!

Hello Dear Readers!

Sweden was deemed "a contender" in last year's series.

Sweden was deemed “a contender” in last year’s series.

So, the annual Contender or Pretender series is here! Once again, I will be taking the ten entries with the highest betting odds, as of today (24 April), and go through each one – discussing its merits, its weaknesses, and rendering an ultimate conclusion on whether an entry is a contender, has a legitimate chance of winning, or a pretender, an overrated act that will not win.

The ten entries with the best betting (in random order) are:

I will review two songs per post each day this week! So, stay tuned!

RomaniaAlso, interestingly enough, thirteen countries still have lower odds of winning than Romania, who was disqualified from competing late last week. While, this is mostly due to the fact that two last sites have yet to remove the country from their betting pools, I think it’s funny that there are songs that are currently listed as having a worse chance at victory than a non-competing entry. Those countries are, in order from best odds to worst: Ireland, Finland, Belarus, Albania, Georgia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

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