ESC 2016 Tournament!

Hello Dear Readers!

So, one of the things that I want Eurovision Obsession to be is a place to help newcomers to the Contest learn more about it as well as help fans engage others with their passion. This year, my friend recommended that I try something with the songs – and it certainly got him into it. Within two days, he has listened to the entire collection of entries and is invested in them!

In the US, March is best known for college basketball. It is a single elimination tournament where 68 college men’s basketball teams compete for the title of national champion. I have taken that concept and applied it to Eurovision!

Download the 2016 ESC Tournament Bracket!

I have created a single-elimination tournament based on the two semi-finals and current betting odds. Essentially, it is a series of duels, where the seeds are determined by the current betting odds. On the left-hand side are the participants in the first semi-final (and the automatic qualifiers who are voting in that semi-final), the right-hand side is the second semi-final.

How to use the bracket:

For me and my friend, we went through it twice. Once for ourselves and then we made one with how we predict the other will fill out the bracket. So, not only are we invested in the music as we try to choose which we like best, but we brought another element into the mix by trying to predict each other’s voting. Feel free to do this or disperse among your friends and see what entry comes out on top within your group. If folks leave comments asking for it, then we can set up a voting system on the site to see how the ESC Obsession Community votes.

Happy listening and Happy Voting!

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