The 2016 Reviews are Here!

…well, not here, this is merely an intro post.

esc2016Hello Dear Readers!

The time for my annual reviews! Like in years past, I will be releasing them across the span of the week.

Monday: First Semi-Final, First Half
Tuesday: First Semi-Final, Second Half + who I think will qualify/my top ten
Wednesday: Second Semi-Final, First Half
Thursday: Second Semi-Final, Second Half + who I think will qualify/my top ten
Friday: Automatic Qualifiers + my ranking of the six
Saturday: Overall thoughts and first predictions for the Top Ten + winner

With the exception of Bulgaria (which will not release their song until tomorrow) and Italy (which has yet to release the final Eurovision-version of its entry) I have listened to each song. I already have some favorites, some questions, and some recommendations. Follow along and leave your comments for each batch of reviews.

Review Tables

Full LogoI’m trying something new this year and using a table format to better organize my reviews. The in addition to the basic entry information, I am adding a column for the entry’s selection method. Why? Because it can be interesting to think about why a panel of producers selected a particular entry. Or think about how a particular song came to victory in its selection competition. Thinking of these things can alter our perceptions of an entry as much as any other factor and allow us to think of ways a particular country can make adjustments to improve for next year. There are three basic ways for a song to be chosen. Internal Selection which is when the broadcaster within a country chooses both the performing artist and the song completely on their own without help from a professional jury or the public. Televised Selection which is the exact opposite, both the performing artist and the song are selected through a competition (or set of competitions) in which some combination of professional jurists and the public vote on the winners. There are also Mixed Selections, in which either the performing artist or the song is selected internally and the other is selected through a televised process. The only example of that this year is Malta, which had a televised selection, but opted to change the song through an internal selection process after Ira Losco won.

Happy Listening!

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