Summer Projects!

Hello Dear Readers!

I wanted to give you an update on my plans for the summer. I’m moving to Oklahoma! I’m starting a Ph.D. program at Oklahoma State University. Okay – enough of my personal life. I’m sure that you’re much more interested in my Eurovision-related updates!

1. I have a post coming up regarding my experience in Vienna. I also plan on posting about my hopes for the 2016 Contest in Sweden. Additionally, I will be crafting a series looking at the next 60 years of the Contest, including the precedent set by Australia’s participation, the powershift back to the West, and the ever-increasing importance of production value, among other topics.

2. I am getting YouTube (escobsession) off the ground. You may have noticed a few playlists appearing on previous posts. My primary project will be building playlists of ESC songs from the past 10~15 years that align within a certain genres (including: hard rock, jazz, hipster, country/folk, and dance). The goal is that you will be able to spread the joy of Eurovision to doubters and/or encourage new fans through being able to easily forward to them a playlist of songs within a genre that they already enjoy. These will be published on Fridays – starting with “Eurovision for Beginners“!

3. I also will begin working on my book, The Beginner’s Guide to Eurovision, this summer. I spent the last year brainstorming and examining various formats. Not only that, I’ve been moving away from the main fan media sites to get a better view of the average person’s perspective of the Contest. The primary question I get, regardless of whether or not someone is familiar with the Contest, is: “Why are you so passionate about Eurovision?” This book is meant to, not only introduce people to the Contest, but to help instill increased excitement within the casual viewer.

4. Partnerships! I will be reaching out in an effort to “build bridges” with other fans, particularly within the US. Not only that, but I am working on establishing a partnership, working for a participating broadcaster. This would, of course, be a dream come true! But time will tell.


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