Thoughts on the Second Semi-Final

What can I say about the second seni-final? Wow!

There were more uptempo numbers and a larger crowd than Tuesday. Both of which led to a really awesome atmosphere in the arena. I’ll be interested to see how it translates to television. So, a few notes:

-I was 80% accurate with my predictions. I did not guess that Cyprus nor (happily) Latvia were going to qualify. Instead, I thought that Ireland and Iceland would.
-Montenegro extends its qualification streak to two! No entry composed by Žjeljeko Joksimović (SM2004, BH2006, SER2007, SER2012) has fallen outside the Top Ten. This may be the year that changes, time will tell.
-Like Belgium, Latvia is a favorite of mine that falls into the “experimental pop” category i discussed previously. If either (or both!) song performs well on Saturday, can you imagine the impact upon the Contest? It will (hopefully) be resounding.

We now have our full 27 finalists. Things are made much more difficult for our qualifiers from the Second Semi-Final, as only a small number of spots in the second half of the running order remain. Though, Austria won from spot #11 last year.


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