ESC2014 – Grand Final Live Notes

Hello dear readers!

As I lack understanding of how these things work, I am not at the arena tonight.  But that means I can be here with you!

It’s 9:05 and the show is starting! The opening act is stunning and now we have a return of the parade of nations!

Ukraine starts us off with a bang (and a few bum notes)! A nice performance, but not as strong as her others.

Belarus was okay. It definitely got better as it went along and this was his strongest performance thus far. But still, no danger of history being made with a winner from the second position.

Azerbaijan – definitely not as strong as it should have been, especially with that bum note.  Still enough for a top ten.

Iceland was Iceland. Exciting but juvenile.

Norway very strong performance but will it be memorable enough to make a lasting impression on televoters?  Probably not.

Romania had a lot of off notes. I already didn’t think that they would be Top Ten, but now I think that they will contend for bottom five.

Armenia – more bum notes! Was there some kind after party last night? I still maintain that Aram needed backing dancers to support the song. They could act out the story from the video it would have been great! #missedopportunities

Montenegro more botched notes, but overall very strong! I really think that it will do really well!

Poland – this is, by far, Cleo’s best performance! Will it be enough to overcome its so-so jury performance? Probably enough for a mid-table finish.

Greece is letting their age show. They sound out of breath and seem to care more about pumping up the crowd and less about connecting with the TV audience .

Austria was stunning, as usual. It will to see how it scores and from where the points come from.

Germany – I see that they fixed the streamer issue from last night. I also think that they do a good job of making the large stage seem small so that they didn’t get lost on the large stage.

Sweden – AMAZING!!!!!! Sanna is not going to let herself be outdone by Austria or anyone else. Did we just see a winning performance? Perhaps!

France is definitely much stronger tonight and should have a lot of televotes. Though, it really isn’t the kind of song that the juries go for.

Russia gave another fantastic performance of their average song; talk about making lemonade from lemons. In a normal year, it would be an easy Top Ten. It will be interesting to see how the voting is affected .

Italy – definitely a better performance than last night, but not all that great, still. Lowest Italian placing since their return.

Another strong performance for Slovenia. I just don’t think that it will be memorable squeezed between the hot mess of Italy and the laser light show of Finland, speaking of which…

Finland gave a strong performance that washed out Slovenia. Resetting us for the rest of show that contains some of the stronger artistic entries.

Just when you though Ruth Lorenzo reached her peak, she steps it up another level for the Grand Final. She unleashed her full voice and Spain should go roaring into the Top Ten.

I wished I had included Switzerland in my dark horses video. I always liked this song and thought it would do better than most would. I think it will surprise folks with how well it does tonight in the voting. Still not Top Ten, but definitely top fifteen.

Hungary has a truly deep song that leaves me conflicted. In love the message of the lyrics, giving hope to the victims of abuse, but I wonder if it will be lost on most folks and those that do understand it may not like that it is I’m ESC. Regardless, I think it will do well, maybe another tenth place for Hungary, but no better than that.

A rather convincing performance from Malta. Won’t finish last, but I think all the country and folk votes will be absorbed by the Netherlands. Cheers to you Malta for having a great song with a great performance that is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Denmark – despite Basim’s whiny voice and the obnoxious lyrics, this song gets stuck in your head. There’s no way that this song will not do well performing this late in the running order.

Why us the host popping up after the postcard? Something must be going wrong with the setup for the Netherlands (probably not) or the tear down for Denmark (more likely).

The Netherlands have another great performance and I can definitely see why they have jumped up so dramatically in the betting odds. They will surely do well!

Go San Marino!! By far Valentina’s best performance, not just this year, but across her three entries. A fantastic swan song and performance for a singer who will be forever treasured in ESC history. I hope and pray for a top fifteen finish.

UK – a much improved performance compared to last night. I don’t think she will win, but I think that the UK will be back in the Top Ten this year.

So many wonderful songs – who will win?

My favorite ten tonight
1. Sweden
2. San Marino
3. The Netherlands
4. Austria
5. Switzerland
6. Armenia
7. Norway
8. Germany
9. Malta
10. Hungary

Who I think will be Top Ten
1. Sweden – I still think that Sanna will win tonight. Her performance was flawless and the song is stunning.
2. The Netherlands – I really think they will absorb a lot of the votes from those who want something different. Not to mention how successful country was last time the Contest was in Denmark.
3. Spain – stunning, absolutely stunning
4. Hungary – the highest quality, up tempo song this year
5. Austria – lots of hype, lots of people voting purely due to the message, definitely will translate to success
6. Denmark – catchy and late I’m the running order, plus the host country bump will surely help
7. UK – the jury performance will deflate its final placing
8. Armenia – unique, contemporary, and interesting
9. Montenegro – the best foreign language entry, will suffer from the lack of votes coming from the nonparticipating former Yugoslav countries, but will probably get twelves from Macedonia and Slovenia, as well as nearby friend, Albania.
10. Azerbaijan – a strong jury performance, but a weak televote performance. It’s impossible to not think that Azerbaijan will be somewhere in the Top Ten.

The voting entertainment and the interval act are not noteworthy. So…no comment.

It’s time to find our winner!!

AZR – first ever points for San Marino!!! And Azerbaijan gave a point to Austria, interestingly enough. Our first twelve points go to he Azerbaijani’s best friend after Turkey: Russia.

GRC – surprise points for Russia! And a big twelve to Austria!

POL – a surprise twelve to the Netherlands from an atypical source

ALB – twelve to Spain!!

SM – unexpected twelve to AZR and none for Italy?

DEN – only six for Norway and an unexpected twelve to Sweden

MNG – I missed MNG’s first ever final points :-/ expected points to Slovenia. Points for Hungary!

ROM – 12 to Sweden. Already one of the most exciting voting sequences thus far

RUS – twelve points to their pet Belarus, seven form the Ukraine

NET – some big points for Norway, more points for Austria.

Ten countries have voted and still no clear winner. Good stuff!!
Poor France, though, still no points

MAL – unsurprising points to Italy

FRA – Armenia gets France’s twelve

UK – Netherlands picks up some more points, Malta gets its first big score, Austria gets its third twelve pointer

LAT – gives a surprise twelve points to the Netherlands

ARM – no surprise with the points to Russia or the tasteless boos. Surprise points to Montenegro, their first ever douze points

ICE – Netherlands!!!! Not Sweden. Whoa!!

MAC – umsurprising twelve to Montenegro

SWE – France is saved from null points land! Norway only got three, Austria gets the twelve.

Bela – unsurprising twelve to Russia

GER – Austria only gets seven. Netherlands staying in this!!

Austria maintains a ten point lead over the Netherlands, with Armenia and Sweden not too far behind.

ISR – technical issues prevail for Israel! Is this the beginning of an unreachable gap for Austria?

POR – first time Spain didn’t get points from Portugal, I think. Surprise points to Austria. I am calling this for Conchita Wurst.

NOR – keeping things interesting with points go the Netherlands.

EST – keeping the race from getting out of hand with the twelve to the Netherlands.

HUN – you would have thought the votes would went the other way around, there. The Dutch are creeping up

MOL – blanks the Dutch, helps Austria extend the lead

IRE – handy points to the UK, ten to Netherlands, twelve to Austria

Netherlands are still within two countries of catching up

FIN – well, the Dutch will need a third country…strike that. Austria just crossed 200!

LIT – more of the same Austria and Netherlands

AUS – keeps their rival under two hundred, unexpected points to Armenia

SPA – NET gets seven, technical difficulties for Spain? Netherlands got dangerously close and Austria jumps farther ahead

BLG – really thought the Netherlands would get that twelve

ITA – mathematically, Netherlands is still in it

UKR – and now the Netherlands are eliminated

I really hate when they announce the winner before the votes are done

SUI – nothing interesting

GEO – proof that votes are not political, Georgia and Russia hate each other!

SLV – I thought that Montenegro would get their twelve.

And, officially, Austria is the winner!

I’d like to think that Austria won because the song is freaking amazing! Unfortunately, I think her victory was the result of what the character of Conchita Wurst represents, not due to the song. It is an unfair asterisk that will hang over her, Austria, and this Contest for all of history. This is my favorite song this year and I hate that its greatness will be doubted for all of time. More than that, this victory will be used as key evidence that politics dictate the results of the Contest. And that, above all else, is the biggest issue. More on that to come. For now, let’s just celebrate that the best song won despite potential opportunity for it being derailed by its message. Congratulations to Austria on your second victory!!

Final Top Ten
1. Austria
2. The Netherlands
3. Sweden
4. Armenia
5. Hungary
6. Ukraine
7. Russia
8. Norway
9. Spain
10. Denmark

5 responses

  1. As you said, Austria was the best song (or one of the best). It captivated me from the first moment I heard it and now it has more attention due to other things. I would love to go to Austria but not sure If I can make it (to many things planned for these next months)


    May 12, 2014 at 2:59 AM

    • I’m already starting to budget so that I can go back to ESC! It’s addicting; I don’t know if I can not go back! Make sure that you join OGAE Rest of the World to ensure that you can get fanzone tickets if you are able to make it to Austria.


      May 14, 2014 at 6:41 PM

  2. Hey. 😦 you still didnt reply about this group-pic before 2semi-final 😛


    May 13, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    • I emailed the photos to you! But I will have a post in the coming days about my time at ESC.


      May 14, 2014 at 6:41 PM

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