ESC2014 Song Reviews: Recap

Hello Dear Readers! As promised, here is a recap of my song reviews!

First, the composite scores, ranked from highest to lowest. Potential for Success score was used as the first tie-breaker, Personal Interest Score as the second.Swedish Flag MapAustrian Flag Map

First Semi-Final Second Semi-Final
Sweden (9) Austria (8.5)
Armenia (9) Poland (8)
Azerbaijan (8.5) Romania (7)
Hungary (8.5) Israel (7)
Ukraine (8) Ireland (7)
Russia (8) Macedonia (7)
Moldova (8) Malta (7)
San Marino (7.5) Belarus (7)
Iceland (6) Greece (6.5)
Belgium (6) Switzerland (6.5)
Estonia (6) Slovenia (6)
The Netherlands (5.5) Finland (5.5)
Portugal (5) Lithuania (5)
Albania (4.5) Norway (5)
Latvia (4.5) Georgia (4.5)
Montenegro (4)

Italian Flag Map

Automatic Qualifiers
Italy (8)
Germany (8)
Denmark (7.5)
France (7)
United Kingdom (6.5)
Spain (6.5)


Overall Impressions

Typically, there are many entries that try to duplicate the most recent winner’s sound, which this year, would be pop with Denmarksome folk elements, much like what happened in 2010 after Norway’s most recent victory. And we see that in Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia seem to have gone that route (I’m leaving Greece off because they always send the same, vaguely ethnic entry each year). Azerbaijan and Montenegro both incorporate folk elements into their ballads as well. Interestingly, there is also an abundance of American-style folk entries: the Netherlands, Georgia, Malta, Switzerland, and Latvia, taking inspiration from Rollo & King (Denmark 2001), perhaps, as the duo got second place the last time the Contest was in Copenhagen. Though, Never Let You Go is definitely more country than folk. There seems to be a dearth of rock entries, with (unsurprisingly) Finland and (surprisingly) Italy representing the genre on stage. France and Greece provide rap, a historically unsuccessful genre, this year – let’s see how they do.

ArmeniaAs you can see, I think it’s a pretty even field this year. As much as I like Austria’s entry, I just don’t see it competing for the championship, leaving Sweden and Armenia to duke it out for victory. As I continue to gather information and get more comfortable with the songs, I’ll have more analysis! Look for my “Contender or Pretender” series next week! As well as my first YouTube post that will focus on some entries that I think can be real dark horses this year!

One last note, though, since reviewing these songs, some of my opinions have evolved. I don’t Georgiathink Georgia is as bad as I thought it was initially, though, it still will struggle to avoid a null points in its semi-final. Israel and Lithuania have both slightly grown on me, though, I’m still not a big fan of either. Spain and Montenegro, to entries I did not pay much attention to before Eurovision in Concert, are now both on my watch list. They’re both just one stunning performance away from pulling an upset on May 10. Norway, Denmark, and Latvia have all lost ground with me and I no longer feel as favorable towards them as I once did.


I’m excited to dive deeper into the entries in the coming weeks. Even more excited that I will get to see the semi-finals and the jury dress rehearsal for the Grand Final in person for the first time!! Until next time, dear readers!


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