ESC2014: Song Reviews – Automatic Qualifiers

This is the final allotment of song reviews.  I’ll be having a recap soon, so stay tuned!

Danish Flag MapDenmarkCliché Love Song performed by Basim

This song ebbs and flows with me; sometimes I like it, sometimes I think it’s silly. I don’t know. Obviously, he cannot leave the giant Danish flag in the staging; that’d be a one-way ticket to the wrong side of the scoreboard. I think the biggest advantage for the host country is knowing their starting order before knowing everyone else’s – that way, they can easily surround themselves with weaker entries. Let’s see what DR decides to do.

Keys to Success: Focusing on Basim’s million-dollar smile, putting weak ballads on either side of it

Potential Stumbling Blocks: A crazy staging or keeping the giant Danish flag around

Personal Interest Score: 7

Potential for Success: 8

Composite: 7.5

New French Flag MapFranceMoustache performed by TWIN TWIN

This song is a blast! It’s silly and definitely fits into the French archetype – there seems to be a joke that no one else seems to be in on. Unlike 2007 and 2008, this song is rather accessible to the everyday listener. I foresee a fun, silly, colorful staging for this one, which will help them overcome what will surely be a poor draw number.

Keys to Success: Being fun and let all of Europe enjoy the performance with them

Potential Stumbling Blocks: Toning down the staging in an attempt to appeal to the middle

Personal Interest Score: 8

Potential for Success: 6

Composite: 7


German Flag MapGermanyIs it Right? performed by Elaiza

Another song that I enjoy tremendously. The sound is a bit dated, but I think Elaize pulls it off well. It’s also nice to see the accordion, as there seems to be a dearth of those this year. I think that this song has the ability to sneak up on folks. No one is really paying attention to it, but I think it will be close to the top.

Keys to Success: A nice, minimal performance, like how she won the German selection

Potential Stumbling Blocks: An over-the-top performance, with lots of lights and fog

Personal Interest Score: 8

Potential for Success: 8

Composite: 8


Italian Flag MapItalyLa Mia Città performed by Emma

No jazz or ballads this year, Italy is sending rock. If the song itself isn’t enough to let you know that this song stands out, watch the music video – it’s a trip! I am not sure of this song’s chances at success, but so far, Italy cannot seem to fail since it has returned to the Contest.

Keys to Success: Letting the composition and performance stand for itself

Potential Stumbling Blocks: Trying to reproduce the music video – I think it’s too out there to appeal to the typical viewer

Personal Interest Score: 7

Potential for Success: 9

Composite: 8

Spanish Flag MapSpainDancing in the Rain performed by Ruth Lorenzo

I do not know if you have seen the videos from Eurovision in Concert, but Ms. Lorenzo was, by far, the best performer. She was amazing in Amsterdam. It will be interesting to see if that strong performance returns for the actual competition. This song is jury bait, but she needs to nail it in order to woo the viewing public.

Keys to Success: Reproducing the Eurovision in Concert performance, or even topping it

Potential Stumbling Blocks: Anything less than a flawless performance will doom her

Personal Interest Score: 7

Potential for Success: 6

Composite: 6.5


Briton Flag MapUnited KingdomChildren of the Universe performed by Molly

Another song with a lot of hype that I do not understand. The composition is pedestrian, I don’t quite get the song’s message, and Molly’s voice is alright. I am not quite sure why this song is getting so much support from the bookies, but I just don’t see it being any more successful than any of other recent UK entry, both of which, I think, are better than this one.

Keys to Success: Somehow creating a universe within the arena – using LED lights, audience bracelets, etc.

Potential Stumbling Blocks: Keeping the staging simple

Personal Interest Score: 6

Potential for Success: 7

Composite: 6.5


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