Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 Live Notes

Hello dear readers I am so excited to be bringing you my first live notes of the 2014 Eurovision season!  Per usual, I will have live notes from the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to begin my coverage on this year’s contest. Next week, I will review each entry individually from this year’s participants. Let’s begin, shall we?


Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014: The Search for Emmelie’s Successor!
Live from Odense on the island of Fyn!

I love the intro video of Emmelie riding in a car as some highlights from last year are being played.  What a lovely intro to have her singing acapella. Look in army of drummers; way more than are needed! Oh, look!  The drumsticks are on fire. What an interesting staging,  having fans being behind the apron. What a great reprise; I look forward to seeing what they do with it at the Contest!

The male host is in a catsuit. Okay.
Now they are introducing the Danish jury: singers and producers, even famous producer Chief One.

As a reminder, the songs will compete up to two times. They all will be performed initially, then the top three will go again in a super-final round to determine the winner.
And the show is underway!!

Song 1. I Choose U – Bryan Rice
Mr. Rice returns to DMGP after a one year hiatus. I wonder if he will have more luck this time. It is annoying that uses the letter “u” instead of spelling out the word “you.” This is definitely more fun than his previous entry Take Our Hearts; however, it is not as strong. I do not think it will move on to the final.

2. Your Lies – Rebekka Thornbech
Country sound to this one. But I did not like her voice. Denmark has successfully used country before to try to defend their title. In 2001, Rollo & King competed with Never Let You Go and got second place; in my opinion they should have won. She is no Rollo & King; this song has no chance in my opinion.

A brief walk down memory lane with one of the best ESC winners (in one of the most controversial voting sequences) Dansevise!

3. Feeling the You – Sonny
A big response from the crowd for this one; it must be one of the favorites. This song has an eighties feel in its sound and staging – even the outfits! Isn’t that the ensemble that Johnny Logan won in?  He seems to be getting a LOT of support from the backing singers. Which makes sense since he does not have much of a voice and is really much more of a dancer than a singer.

4. She’s the One – Danni Elmo
His stage look is rather different than his look in the intro video. Another poor voice, though, I think this song is the highest quality thus far.  The run in the refrain is also pretty fun.

So far, I’m not impressed by this year’s DMGP offerings.

5. Vi Finder Hjem – Emilie Moldow
This year’s token Danish language entry. I like this song a lot. It’s by far the best entry thus far! Unfortunately, I doubt it will move on to the next round as Danes are quick to assume that no one wants to hear their language.

Another walk down memory lane, this time with Denmark’s second winner: Fly on the Wings of Love.

6. Right by Your Side – Glamboy P
Denmark is not Sweden.  There’s no way the public would go for this, especially after the controversy (and failure) of 2007 and DQ and a drag queen would be mainstream then this. The song itself is alright, though the staging is rather weird.

7. Before You Forget Me – Nadia Malm
The sound seems to be a bit off, that’s strange. I like this the mixed tempos, the style, the lyrics. By far the strongest entry yet. It will be interesting to see how it fares.

8. Cliche Love Song – Basim
What fun. He sounds like the poor man’s Bruno Mars. I think due to its youthful sound, it will move through to the next round. Just in case his complexion made you doubt his Danehood, a giant Danish flag unfurls at the song’s (rather mild) climax.

One final walk down memory lane with Denmark’s most recent winner and the reason why the Contest is returning to Copenhagen: Only Teardrops.

9. It Hurts – Anna David
Great song, strange staging. That outfit makes it look like she is wearing a diaper. The dancers are freaking me out.

10. Wanna Be Loved – Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez
Yay sax!!!! That’s the same instrument that I play.  It’s interesting that an instrumentalist would compete in a Contest that requires playback. I really like this, though I imagine the more conservative groups having issues with the lyrics. I have a new favorite! I hope this wins. By far it is the most put together entry and came across as the most professional. It was also the best performed entry tonight.  It would be a crime if it doesn’t at least make the super-final.

My Top Three
1. (10) Wanna Be Loved
2. (5) Vi Finder Hjem
3. (7) Before You Forget Me

Overall, the second half was much stronger than the first in my opinion.

The Three I Think Will Move Through to the Super-Final
3. Feeling the You
8. Cliche Love Song
10. Wanna Be Loved

At this point, my money would be on Feeling the You as the Danish public tends to choose disappointing entries

I thoroughly enjoyed Rainmaker! It was a nice touch to have the competing performers come on stage to sing with her. Even nicer to see the flags of all the competing nations as well.

Ooh, we have all three super-finalists
1. (8) Cliche Love Song (so far, I’m 1 for 1)
2. (10) Wanna Be Loved (2 for 2)
3. (2) Your Lies (surprising because I thought there were several stronger entries in the field, not surprising because the Danes love country music. Either way, I’m eating my words from earlier. Congrats Ms. Thornbech!)

My money is now on song ten Wanna Be Loved.

Now a song from the contestants competing for the Danish tickets to Nordic Melodi Grand Prix while our three super-finalists prepare to go back on stage.  Remember, they’re keeping their original song numbers, but are now competing in the order in which their qualification was read, so 8, 10, 2.

8. Cliche Love Song – Basim
He needs another strong performance in order to win. He needs to ramp up the energy without letting it overtake the song. Oh no! His flag fell down!! How will the public know he’s a Dane and not a Middle Eastern infidel?! It’s sad, but that may have hurt his chances. The Danes are reluctant to accept someone who doesn’t fit the mold of an “average Dane” (i.e., pale, light hair, bright eyes). I still think he has a good chance of winning this thing, though.

10. Wanna Be Loved – Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez
They need to do something to add texture to the performance. As it is, it’s a bit plain. They need to somehow bring the passion of the lyrics to their stage presence. The vocals were stronger this time, but they still do not have a lot of passion between them. They have to work on that chemistry.

2. Your Lies – Rebekka Thornbech
Her goal this time around is simple: prove that she has the vocal chops to handle this stage. Definitely stronger than before, but I don’t know if it was strong enough to beat out the other two, despite its visual similarities to Only Teardrops.

Hmm, these are three entries that I think are evenly matched. I don’t known if any of them significantly improved upon their first performance. Because of this, I am sticking with my previous prediction of Song Ten: Wanna Be Loved.

Now the points!
Jury: I won’t go through each individual juror’s votes, just the final summary. So, the jury loves Basim. A clean sweep for him of all five three-pointers available for the young singer.

Spoke too soon about the end of Memory Lane as DMGP is reminding us of some Dk’s best ESC entries, including the third place debut entry in 1957.

Viewers’ Points:
Seven points to Rebekkah Thornbech
Eight points to Michael Rune
Fifteen points to Basim!

Glad to know my generalizations of the Danish public did not hold true.


DenmarkI think he stands a pretty good chance at the ESC. Now that he has a bit more confidence from winning and automatically qualifying for the Final in May, he will need to pump up the energy in his performance. He needs to incrementally do so over the next month as he’s not a strong singer and we don’t want his energy to lead to a poor performance. He’s at a disadvantage as DMGP occured so late this year, mid-March. Typically, the Danish act is chosen in late January to mid-February, providing lots of time for the act to be refined. My prediction – Denmark will maintain its recent trend of top ten finishes but will not repeat as champion. The song is just not strong enough in my opinion.

Thanks DR for another great show!! It makes me all the more eager to see the Contest this May!!


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