The Return

Hello Dear Readers!

I apologize greatly for my absence!!  I have been dealing with a myriad of health, personal, and professional challenges that I have, for the most part, worked through.

What can you expect going forward?

  • I will be continuing the “Road to Denmark” series.
  • Once the Heads of Delegation meeting occurs, I will then begin reviewing for this year’s entries in the usual manner, five days of introductory reviews for each, general predictions, and a return of the Contender-Pretender series.
  • I have created a new email for the blog –  Feel free to email!

Other Projects I am Working On

  • It is one of my dreams to spread ESC to the US.  So, the first step in that is to help push this blog to the next level.  I will be experimenting with videos soon.  So, expect the YouTube channel to appear.
  • I am also embarking on the journey that is writing a book.  I am writing a beginner’s/casual fan’s guide to ESC.  Wish me luck!

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