RtD14: Looking Back at Andorra

Welcome to the second installment of my “Road to Denmark 2014: A Retrospective” where I am looking at each entry that has competed since I started following the Contest in 2007.  After briefly recapping each song, I will choose one or two to focus on.  Today, we’ll be looking at the three entries of Andorra from 2007-2009.

AndorraClick the table to see it larger.

Andorran Flag Map2007 – Salvem El Mon (Save the World) – Andorra’s most successful entry (to date), a pop rock number that’s half Catalan and half English.  Probably my least favorite Andorran entry (and really, one of my least favorite in all).

2008 – Casanova – Probably the mircostate’s best chance at qualifying for the Final derailed by one of the WORST outfits to grace the ESC stage (Gisela won 2008’s Barbara Dex Award).  Not a bad song, as long as you don’t listen to it too many times in a row.

2009 – La Teve Decisió (Get a Life) – Susanne Georgi actually competed in the first Dansk Melodi Grand Prix that I saw back in 2007; after losing, she moved to Andorra.  Actually a fairly pleasant song, it suffered from being amongst a strong field including a Contest legend (Chiara), Belgian popstar Hadise (representing Turkey), and two of the top songs that year (Iceland and Bosnia & Herzegovina).

Let’s take a closer look at: AndorraAndorra 2006.  I know it falls outside the bounds that I set up, but honestly, I don’t find any of the three entries above all that remarkable.  And, generally, find Andorra to be a somewhat weaker competitor (though, I do want to see the small country return).  My favorite entry is Sense-Tu – it’s sexy, it’s powerful, and it’s unexpected.  I think the only reason the song didn’t do well was because Jenny is a bigger girl (really, she’s healthy-sized, but that might as well be obese by pop-star standards).

Despite my harsh words – I want Andorra back!  Come back Andorra!  We want you to return to the ESC (Spain especially does)!

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Our next country to be highlighted: Armenia!

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