Nous avons seulement deux semaines!!! We’re two weeks away!!!

Hello dear readers!

We are two weeks away from the First Semi-Final!  We over the past couple of months, we have seen quite a bit by way of news, remixes, styling announcements, movements in the betting odds, and much more!

This year has seen a rise in native language entries.  However, with the hopes of attracting fans ahead of the Contest, many of those countries have released English versions of their songs that are used for radio airplay and performances in other countries.  Most of the time, these English versions are only loosely translated from the original – occasionally, they come with a remix, sometimes, they can even come out better than the original.  Here is a brief review of this year’s English translations.  This post is riddled with YouTube links – you’ve been warned!!

Croatian Flag MapCroatia – Hard Times (original: Mižerja) — sounds similar, but is not as mystifying as the original Croatian version.

Cyprus – If You think of Me (original: An Me Thimase) – there’s also a Spanish version! — the best thing about this song is her voice, the language doesn’t really matter.Cypriot Flag Map  I guess the original Greek is the best, but the three versions are all about the same in my book.

Estonia – New Way to Go (original: Et Uus Saaks Alguse) – Estonian Flag Mapthere’s also Spanish and Swedish versions! — like Cyprus, all of these versions sound essentially the same; it’s hard to even tell what language she’s singing in.  Interestingly enough, I think the Swedish version fits the melody the best, but again, these are so close, it’s not a big difference.

Hungary – One for Me (original: Kedvedsem) — Okay, so the English version loses a bit of Hungariran Flag Mapits zip, as it’s a translated version of the original, not the remix that Bye.Alex is taking to the Contest. Regardless, it definitely loses a lot of its charm and coziness – fully legitimizes his decision to stick to Hungarian at the Contest.

Italian Flag MapItaly – Necessary (original: L’Essenziale) — Yesh!  English is not his specialty.  Definitely keep it in Italian!  The language change brings out a lot of his weaknesses and the song loses a lot of its charm.

Macedonia – If I Could Change the World (original: Pred da se Razdeni)Macedonian Flag Map – and a nifty remix of it! — I like the English version, I think, equal to my affection for the original in Macedonian.  I think the remix they brought to the entry enhanced it.  While I think the remix enhances the entry, it’s due to the improved composition, not the language.

Sammarinese Flag MapSan Marino – Chrysalis (Fly) (original: Crisalide (Vola)) — Definitely a step down from the original Italian.  With the language change, Valentina Moletta’s thick accent comes out and drags the song down a bit.  I think the fact that this is in Italian is one of the major reasons it is receiving much better traction around Europe than her entry last year (aside from the fact that it has a thousand times more quality).

Serbia – Love is All Around Us (originally: Ljubav je Svuda) — The Serbian Flag Mapremix is unwarranted and unnecessary and makes the English version completely fizzle because of it.  So, clearly, I think the original was better.

Moldovan Flag MapMoldova already had an English version of O Mie, which I think is the only one that sounds better in English than the native tongue.  It’s called A Million and was the original version of the song before the broadcaster decided to submit the Romanian version of the song.  I think the Romanian version makes the song a bit too clustered; too many syllables per beat.

Apparently, France’s song L’Enfer et Moi was originally written in English.  There has to be an English demo version out there somewhere!!New French Flag Map  Though, France usually sits on its English versions until after the Contest, so I guess we just have to be patient.  I can’t wait to hear it!!

I don’t expect Israel, Greece, or Montenegro to translate their entries, as they typically don’t.  I’m holding out for an English version of Ég á Lif (Iceland) and a Dutch version of Birds from Anouk.

Oh – I love languages!!!!  And I love the CONTEST!!


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