Eurovision 2013 – Second Half of the Second Semi-Final

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Hello! Welcome to the fourth installment of my five part series previewing this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  Each day this week, I have been previewing each half of each semi-final.  The First Semi-Final was split between Monday and Tuesday; yesterday was the first half of the Second Semi-Final. Today, I’m looking at the second half of the Second Semi-Final.

Albania Identitet performed by Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar SejkoAlbanian flag country

It’s okay.  I don’t mind it, but I definitely don’t prefer it.  It’s composition rocks harder than the singing.  I have a feeling that this song is trying to be much more epic than it is succeeding at being.  Better luck next year Albania

Armenian Flag MapArmenia Lonely Planet performed by Gor Sujyan

Meh.  I’m not impressed.  I feel like this song missed its potential and will most likely hover around the qualification line, particularly if the Swedish producers want to disadvantage it by placing it between two very memorable songs (like Georgia and Greece).  Speaking of which…

Georgia Waterfall performed by Sopho & NodikoGeorgian Flag Map

A very powerful song, but not all that great.  I think this song, like several other Georgian entries, was designed to be jury fodder.  I think it will also benefit from votes from Armenia and Azerbaijan. I expect it to move through.

Greek Flag MapGreece Alcohol is Free performed by Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis

Whoa!!  This entry is a little over the top, much like LIT2010 and MOL2011.  And, like those entries, I like it!  Despite the apparent promotion of drinking and drunkenness, it’s so catchy and I have a weakness for pop-ska.  It’s Greece, so, of course, it will do well, perhaps bringing the country back to the Top Ten, but it’s still too early to tell in that regard.

Hungary Kedvesem (My Sweetheart) performed by ByeAlexHungariran Flag Map

What a pretty song.  It’s so soothing and nice.  Even though it’s about being in love with a mermaid, it’s a nice lullaby.  Unfortunately, lullabies do not tend to do too well.  Though, a favorable position (perhaps immediately after Greece so those who were overwhelmed have a chance to grab on to something pleasant) will bolster its chances.  It’s on the bubble right now!

Israeli Flag CountryIsrael Rak Bishvilo (Only for Him) performed by Moran Mazor

AMAZING!!  Israel is bringing it after taking a few years away from serious contention!  This song is awesome!  The composition fits Mazor’s voice perfectly, she conveys the lyrics (a deep, mature love for her man) in such a powerful way that leaves all her competition sounding like itty-bitty teeny-boppers.  This song must do well!  It must!!

Norway I Feed You My Love performed by Margaret BergerNorwegian Flag Map

Yikes!  This sounds like a “love me or else” type of song, the kind that provides the soundtrack for anime fanvids for many years to come.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s already a Sailor Moon fanvid set to this song somewhere on the Internet right now.  I like it a lot!  I think if it qualifies for the Grand Final, then it will be in the Top Ten, otherwise, it will be last or close to it in the semis.

Romanian Flag MapRomania It’s My Life performed by Cezar

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Countertenors are creepy!”  How did this become the selection for Romania?  I like the beat, but the whole song is a bit much.  I think Romania will be missing the Grand Final for the first time since 2002.

Switzerland You and Me performed by TakasaSwiss Flag County

One of the most controversial entries this year come from a group of Salvation Army workers.  Apparently, their actual name “Heilsarmee” (literally “Salvation Army” in German) was perceived as too religious by the EBU and their outfits too off-putting (they usually dress like soldiers given their association with the Salvation Army).  Regardless, this song is most definitely one of the best of the Contest this year and already one of my favorites after one listen. Oh, and in case you are wondering, “takasa” is a Swahili word meaning “clean” – which, to many Christians, can be another way of saying “salvation” – it’s often used as a metaphor, like “washed and made clean” due to Jesus’ death and resurrection (which is the basic concept of salvation). But of course, I’m sure the band means it more along the lines that they’re clean and wholesome….or they mean it both ways.

So, what do I think of the second half of the Second Semi-Final?

My Order of Preference How I think the final scorecard will look
Israel Greece*
Switzerland Israel*
Norway Georgia*
Hungary Norway*
Greece Hungary+
Georgia Switzerland+
Albania Armenia+
Armenia Romania
Romania Albania

*Who I think will definitely move through to the Grand Final
+May move through to the Grand Final depending on the second half of the Second Semi-Final

So, what does all of this mean?

I solidly predict Azerbaijan, Greece, Israel, Georgia, and Norway to move through to the Grand Final.  After that, it’s a bit murky, as my desires play with my reasoning.  While I really want San Marino to move through, I don’t think it’s quite there just yet.  With that said, I think Switzerland, Hungary, Armenia, Malta, and Bulgaria are.  I don’t think Romania, Latvia, Finland, or Macedonia have a chance of progressing, but nothing’s for sure.  The competition is much closer in this semi-final than in the First one.

Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the Automatic Qualifiers as well as my first official prediction for the outcome of the Grand Final.

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