Eurovision 2013 – Second Half of the First Semi-Final

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In case you are just joining us, each day this week, I will be going through the 39 entries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  I am dividing the semi-finals into two parts and doing the automatic qualifiers (Big 5 & Sweden) as well as providing a general overview and my first prediction for this year’s winner on Friday.  Yesterday, I looked at the first half of the First Semi-Final; today, I turn my attention to the second half.

Belarus Solayoh performed by Alyona LanskayaBelorussian Flag Map

I see we have a foot stomper here!  It’s fun and could provide some much needed energy after a heavy first half of the semi-final.  This could be our entry that surprises the semi-final competition, but falls flat in the Grand Final.

Belgian Flag CountryBelgium Love Kills performed by Roberto Bellarosa

I do not particularly care for this man’s voice but he is pretty to look at.  And the song is somewhat weak.  It’s tolerable, but I do not think it’s a great entry.  Better luck next year Belgium!

Cyprus An Me Thimase (If You Remember Me) performed by Despina OlympiouCypriot Flag Map
A complete turn around from last year!  I think this song is equally as strong as the much loved La La Love, but I think it makes a much smaller impact.  Olympiou will have to bring it on the semi-final night to not be swallowed up by this composition.  Its music is lovely, but this orchestration will be overwhelm her singing unless she turns it up a notch in May.

Irish Flag MapIreland Only Love Survives performed Ryan Dolan
Finally, we are freed from the tyranny of Jedward!  I definitely would not have pictured a song like this for Ireland.  I like it, kind of middle of the road in my opinion, but a favorable spot in the running order might just help this song out.

Lithuania Something performed by Andrius PojavisLithuanian Flag Map
Ummm…better luck next year Lithuania.  This song is underwhelming, strange, and slightly creepy.  The lyrics don’t quite fit the music.  It’s just a bit of a mess all over.

Moldovan Flag MapMoldova A Million performed by Aliona Moon
I like this a lot!  I like the story as it progresses through the course of the song.  I just hope her singing is better in May than it was a few nights ago at the Moldovan national final.

Montenegro Igranka (Dance) performed by Who See feat. ŽižićMontenegrin Flag Map
Another “interesting” entry from Montenegro.  I think there are a few too many syllables per melodic line, particularly in the rap portions, which gives the whole song an awkward, rushing feeling.  It’s otherwise, a standard rap song about dancing and females.  Meh, I’m underwhelmed.

Serbian Flag MapSerbia Ljubav je Svuda (Love is Everywhere) performed by Mirna, Sara, & Nevena
Hmm…Feminnem these ladies are not.  The song is a bit hokey as well.  I don’t have high hopes for it. Maybe it might qualify for the Grand Final, but that’s a big maybe.

Hmm…once again, we seem to have fallen back to the normal pattern of a weak First Semi-Final and a stronger Second Semi-Final.

What do I think about the second half of the First Semi-Final?

My Order of Preference How I think the final scorecard will look
Moldova Ireland*
Ireland Moldova*
Cyprus Belarus+
Belarus Cyprus+
Serbia Serbia+
Belgium Lithuania
Montenegro Montenegro
Lithuania Belgium

*Who I think will definitely move through to the Grand Final
+May move through to the Grand Final depending on the first half of the First Semi-Final

What does all this mean?
Essentially, I would put money on Russia, Denmark, Ukraine, Ireland, and Moldova to move through to the Grand Russian Flag MapFinal (with Russia winning the First Semi-Final).  I only selected five others in the uncertainty column, so I guess I think that the Netherlands, Austria, Belarus, Cyprus, and Serbia are also going to be moving on to the Grand Final.  Not necessarily the bravest of line-up choices, but I’m not exactly known for taking great risks in my picks.  I think Slovenia and Estonia have a chance to surprise people and take some spots in the Grand Final (probably Cyprus and Serbia’s).  I don’t think that Croatia, Lithuania, Montenegro, or Belgium have any chance of making it through…at all.

Check back tomorrow, when I will be looking at the first half of the Second Semi-Final!


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