Eurovision 2013 – First Half of the First Semi-Final

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With Italy’s declaration of Marco Mengoni’s song, San Remo winner L’Essenziale, we finally have a complete line-up!  While the deadline for the final entry is not until the Heads of Delegation meeting in the next week or so, we can expect a song or two to be translated into English/remixed to optimize the composition/reset with a slightly different orchestration, we essentially have our 39 entries.  From these a winner will be chosen!

Like last year, I’ve decided to break my rule of abstaining from listening to the entries before the Contest.  What can I say, I’m under a lot of stress at work and nothing soothes me like an impending ESC!  Each day this week I will post a new entry, breaking each semi-final in half, then looking at the six automatic qualifiers on Friday.  Today, we have the first half of the First Semi-Final.

Austria Shine performed by Natália KellyAustrian Flag Map

Good stuff!  I like this a lot and think this has a good shot of moving on to the Grand Final.  The song has a nice message and she sings it well.  Let’s hope her voice is stronger during ESC then it was during the Austrian selection special.

Croatian Flag MapCroatia Mižеrja (Misery) performed by Klapa s Mora

This is a pretty song.  It’s simple, but its lyrics cut to the bone.  Too bad I think most of Europe will find it boring.  Its chances are boosted by being in the same semi-final as four other countries that will be able to understand the lyrics – but will it be enough?

Denmark Only Teardrops performed Emmelie de ForestDanish Flag Map

I think my love is pretty evident in my DMGP post.  In short: amazing song! with an amazing singer! Definitely going to finish Top Five and be a tough competitor for the top spot!

Estonian Flag MapEstonia Et Uus Saaks Alguse (So There Can be a New Beginning) performed by Birgit Õigemeel
Definitely a pretty song (even if the Estonian language is not particularly attractive).  I think composition conveys the hope of the lyrics well.  I’m not sure if this will be dynamic enough to make a big enough impact, but it will depend on who is before and after it.

The Netherlands Birds performed by AnoukDutch Flag Country
OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is amazing!!!  Too bad it sounds like something from the 50’s or 60’s, perhaps from a movie-musical from that era.  Artistically, this is miles away from just about any other entry this year (and in years past), if she makes it through to the Grand Final (which is a big if) she should win at least one Marcel Bezaçon Award, but she won’t be close to the Top Ten.  I’m a little shocked that she isn’t presenting a rock song, given that some of her biggest hits are rock.

Russian Flag MapRussia What If performed by Dina Garipova
A song about peace and harmony coming from Russia?!  Perhaps all this talk about uniting is heralding the return of the USSR?  With far-fetched political agendas aside, this is a pretty song from a popular country performed well from a young singer.  There’s no reason why it shouldn’t finish in the Top Ten.  If last year taught us anything, it’s that Russia has to try to land outside the Top Ten nowadays.

Slovenia Straight Into Love performed by Hannah ManciniSlovene Flag Map
Interesting, Sweden is voting in this semi-final, so Slovenia can count on votes from the hosts.  Other countries that tend to like the discotheque stuff (Greece, Germany, Bulgaria) won’t be able to lend any points, however, and so I expect another year left in the semi-finals for Slovenia.  I like the song, personally, but would not bet on it doing well.  Also, I imagine the EBU will not let them use all those crazy camera cuts from the Slovenian national final.

Ukranian Flag MapUkraine Gravity performed by Zlata Ognevich
Umm….this is song is okay.  It’s kinda all over the place and confusing.  I’m not a big fan of overwhelming backing singers and think they are used a little too much here.  It is the Ukraine, so I expect it to at least move on to the Final.

So…what do I think about the chances of the first eight contenders?

My Order of Preference How I think the final scorecard will look
The Netherlands Russia*
Denmark Denmark*
Croatia Ukraine*
Austria The Netherlands+
Russia Austria+
Slovenia Slovenia
Estonia Estonia
Ukraine Croatia

*Who I think will definitely move through to the Grand Final
+May move through to the Grand Final depending on the second half of the First Semi-Final

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