Getting Back on Track

Howdy All!  I know that, by now, you expect me to have not only given a rundown on each of the entries, but be gearing up for my second round of opinions.  Well, life gets in the way (sorry) and my posts have not been getting up.  So this year, I will have five preview posts that will be going up throughout the first couple of weeks of April.  The first post will be my detailed look at this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (if you want to know why I single out Denmark, please read the “About” section here) and the resulting Danish entry.  The next four entries will look at each half of the Semi-Finals (I will include Big Five entries with the Semi-Finals in which they are voting), my thoughts on each country’s chances based off of the competition that the entry had to beat out to make it to the ESC (remember, I don’t listen to entries before the night they are first performed at the Contest).  Additionally, after my five posts are live, I will begin snooping around chat sites and message boards as well as looking at the bookies’ predictions and create a second round of predictions in early May.  After that, look for my notes from the Contest the days immediately following each Semi-Final and the Grand Final.

So, I beg you to have a little more patience with me; I promise you it will be worth it!

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