Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2010!!!

So, for those of you who did not read the “About” section, I discovered the Eurovision Song Contest while studying in Denmark.  As such, I consider Denmark my “home country,” and thus, it is the only selection process I watch in its entirety and the only competing song that I listen to ahead of time (this is explained in my post “My History with the ESC“).  Additionally, one thing I like to do is write live commentary as I watch the ESC and have decided to write ones for this year’s DMGP.  So presented here are my notes I wrote as I was watching the contest live.  As we get closer to the Contest in May, I will post my live notes from past runnings of the ESC.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix!

Wow!  What a lovely opening act, short, yet powerful!  And what a beautiful stage!  This has to be the best stage in DMGP history, look at the design, the LED backdrop, the water!  This is going to be one of the best DMGP to date!  Now we have clips of each of the songs as the artists walk out on stage.  There seems to be some problems with the web cast, as some of the clips are skipping and slowing down.  Hopefully this problem does not persist when the competition starts!  My first impression, songs 1, 2, and 9 have a shot at winning.  1 is a lot like the past two winners of DMGP, 2 is co-written by Ronan Keating (who co-wrote last year’s winner, Believe Again).  Song 9 is Sukkerchok! of course they have a strong shot at winning.  Though, I am pretty sure that song 7 will be my favorite one tonight.

Song One: Breathing by Bryan Rice

This is okay, nothing special, but neither of the last two DMGP winners were, either.  I do like it, though.

Song Two: All About a Girl by Joakim Tranberg

This song is the definition of hokey.  From the backing vocals “do, do, do’s” to the lyrics (“It’s all about a girl and how she came and changed my world,” to the cheesy smile at the end of the song (which made him look like a used car salesman*).

*In the US, a “used car salesman” is representative of someone who is trying to sell an inferior product as if it is the greatest thing ever made, and are willing to employ any tactic to do it.

Song Three: Panik! by MariaMatilde Band

This was the back-up song, if I remember correctly, that came to replace the one that had withdrawn.  Let’s see if it can prove that it should have been an original contender.

***TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ENSUE!!!*** The song is skipping and slowing down to make the ladies sound like baritones!  I will have to look this song up afterwards, as I don’t think we will be hearing it again today.

Song Four: How Will I Know by Simone

Someone seems to have taken a page from Yohanna’s (ICE2009) book (though, I am sure Simone has been around longer than the Icelandic singer).  I like the song, but she should have reframed from trying to hit that big note near the end.  The fate of this one lies in whether the other songs are able to outperform it.

Song Five: Gloria by Jens Marni

More technical difficulties, but I have little hope for this song, regardelss.

Song Six: In a Moment Like This by Chanée & N’evergreen

A nice little ballad duet, but sounds a little uninspired.  It has what it takes to get to the next round, but I doubt it will make it to tonight’s final round.

Song Seven: Only Tonight by Kaya Brüel

I like this song very much!!!  And I love the performance, awesome dress, awesome stage effect (the rising up into the air, the only shame is that I wanted to be the first person to do this at DMGP and Eurovision, haha, if I ever make it there!).  I don’t really like the dancer, though; he detracts from the performance.  They could have done without him, or at least gave him a female partner to interpret the song better than a single person could.  By far my favorite, but I am not too hopeful for its prospect for moving through to the next round, it would do better in Sweden or Finland than in Denmark.

Song 8: Just Like Rain by Thomas Barsøe

Grrr…I wanted to be an American who represented Denmark, my thunder is being stolen* on all sides tonight!!!  Too bad he’s not representing the States too well; his voice is so whiny!  He should fail, miserably.  I know that we will not hear this song again tonight!  Though, he is the first to employ the water around the stage.

*To “Steal someone’s thunder” is to reveal a secret or important aspect of a person’s presentation or performance (or something else like that) directly ahead of that person’s presentation/performace/whatever.

Song 9: Kæmper for Kærlighed (Camp/Fort for Love) by Sukkerchok

More technical difficulties, no!!!!  But it’s Sukkerchok, and the song favored to win, so I am sure that I will have a chance to hear it again.

Song 10: Come Come Run Away by Silas & Kat

This was a little unexpected after there little, corny pre-performance clip.  A futuristic performance for a pseudo-futuristic song.  Yet more technical difficulties!!!!!!  Though, I would still say this song has a strong chance of making it through.

Prediction for the Semi-Final Songs:

All About a Girl (It’s Ronan Keating)

Kæmper for Kærlighed (It’s Sukkerchok with a nice little diddy)

Come Come Run Away (It performed last and is unexpected)

How Will I Know (because people still love ballads, and this is the best one)

The Moment of Truth!

First announced – How Will I Know

Second announced – In a Moment Like This (I guess Come Come Run Away will not make it through)

Third announced – Come Come Run Away (I guess it will move through!)

Fourth announced – Breathing (I thought this would move through initially, but I am still a little surprised it moved through while Sukkerchok lingered behind)

So, I am batting .500, not too bad for missing so many songs due to technical difficulties.  I am just a little surprised that neither of the favorites, Sukkerchok or Joakim Tranberg, moved through.  I guess it makes a little sense, Danes don’t like military imagery (which Sukkerchok had a lot of), but they do like hokey (Trandberg’s song) so I am surprised that All About a Girl didn’t move through.

Interval Act!

I seem to remember finding Felix a distinctly average singer last year.  He has not changed my opinion.  His co-host is not too much better.  But I guess they’re presenters, not singers, right!

Back to the Show!

How Will I Know v. In a Moment Like This

When this match-up was announced, I thought that Simone had an easy path to the Final, but the duo is putting up a good fight.  While Simone’s performance was relatively the same both times, the Chanée & N’evergreen’s performance was markedly better.

Prediction: I will go with the upset*, and say that the duo will take out the popular songstress.  Chanée & N’evergreen showed that they clearly wanted to win in their performance, much more than Simone did.

*An upset in this context means that the underdog (the less strong competitor) will beat the stronger competitor.

Winner: Chanée & N’evergreen A Moment Like This.  This was the clear winner of this round.

Come Come Run Away v. Breathing

The first performance sounded a lot like the first, in that is was riddled with technical problems (the same slowing down).  The second song was slightly better than the first performance (I don’t remember seeing rain at the beginning of the song the first time he performed).

Prediction: I think Breathing was better performed than Come Come Run Away, but again, I missed most of the latter’s performance due to technical issues.  However, I find it hard to believe that there will be two ballads in the Final, and Breathing sounds a lot like Believe Again, last year’s winner, and I don’t think that the Danes will vote for the same thing two years in a row.  With all that said, I think Come Come Run Away will sneak through to the Final Round.

Winner: Bryan Rice Breathing.  Okay, so I was wrong, but this was a hard choice.

FINAL ROUND: Chanée & N’evergren In a Moment Like This v. Bryan Rice Breathing

I definitely did not see this match-up coming, but I am not overly surprised.  Both songs are the soft rock/adult contemporary style that has won the last two DMGP’s straight.  How have I not noticed the large wall between them before, I just thought that they were sing fog machines and crazy lighting to get that effect.  This performance is not nearly as good as the Second Round performance, methinks that they shot their load just to make it to this point.  It looks like Bryan Rice’s rainstorm has increased in intensity, though his singing hasn’t.  It sounded like it did the first two times he sung tonight.

Prediction: Chanée & N’evergreen wore themselves out in the second round, and thus, their final performance fell flat compared to Bryan Rice, who hovered around the same throughout the entire night.  I would put my money on Bryan Rice, he was consistent and firmly stands in the genre that won the last two years, solo males singing average songs in adult contemporary style.


Chanée & N’evergreen In a Moment Like This

Not very surprising, both finalists were evenly matched, but I am a little shocked that they won after the performance they had in the Final.  I guess Denmark was ready for a change after the last two years, not in genres, just in artist.

Prediction for ESC2010 – This song has a lot of potential, especially if they perform it like they did in the second round tonight.  It will make the Final, and then their fate is in their own hands.  This song can be uber-powerful and emotionally stirring and take a top five placing, or it can be flat and boring and skuttle around on the bottom of the scoreboard.  That is the blessing/curse of having the juries cast their votes during the second dress rehearsal, the performers have to be top notch two nights in a row, which is a tough feat.  I think they will be top ten, but not top five.

Congratulations Chanée & N’evergreen, I look forward to cheering you on AT THE 55TH ANNUAL EUROVISION SONG CONTEST IN BÆRUM, NORWAY!!!

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