Another Sopho for Georgia

Georgia makes a return to the Contest after stubbornly sitting out last year.  For those who weren’t paying attention.  Georgia’s selection process last year yielded the song We Don’t Want to Put In.  Unfortunately, the singers pronounced “put it” like “pew ten” in an effort to clearly link the song to the Russian leader who authorized military action against the Caucasian nation.  This very obviously goes against the ESC rule that no song should be political in nature or bring the Contest into controversy.  And, instead of replacing We Don’t Wanna Put In with one of the many songs they had talking about peace or love, the broadcaster decided to just withdraw from the Contest.  More controversy was stirred when the artist, Stephanie & 3G, admitted that the song was solely meant as a insult and they had no intention of competing with it a few days after the Contest.  For better or worse, despite the action  of the broadcaster GPB, Georgia was not penalized as they were forced to withdraw after the deadline and did not, technically, do it on their own.

Anywho, the Georgians have returned.  This time they will be represented by Sopho Nizharadze a musical theatre actress (not to be confused with Sopho Khalvashi, a television personality and Georgia’s debut performer back in 2007).  She is a not only an actress, but a seasoned competitor, having won and placed high in various music competitions throughout Europe.  Listening to some of her music, she reminds me a lot of Csézy (HUN2008) and Kátya Tompos (supposed to represent HUN in 2009).  That is, she has a nice, adult contemporary voice, but fails to thrill and woo most people.  I really like both songs by the mentioned Hungarian artists, so I have high hopes for Georgia’s entry this year for my own personal music collection.  However, as I said, most people don’t vote for these kind of artists, they think they are “boring,” with that said, it is Georgia – and the Caucasus region has a large diaspora throughout Europe.  I expect the worst placing for a Georgian entry to date, mid-teens in the Final (which will still be better than I a lot of others!).

In other news, according to Oiko Times, trouble is a brewin’ in Greece.  Apparently, the government wants the state-run ERT to relinquish the role of running the Contest for Greece.  They say that it is not the role of a government (or government-ran intenty) to compete in pop music competitions.  This seems to have three implications.  One, a private Greek broadcaster will take the reigns and things will continue as normal.  Two, Greece withdraws, and since it is after the deadline, will be penalized à la Lebanon, and be forced to sit out for four years.  Three, ERT will ignore the government and controversy will ensue!  What do you all think?

(The Oiko Times article:


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